The Renovation of Wilhelminian Style Villa (Built-in 1908, Erfurt)

Interior Design, Residential – Completed February 2022


Breathtaking private villa project in Erfurt, Germany. Aesthetic, contemporary interiors combined with beautiful furnishings and finishes.



NLDS was appointed from ARCHITEKTSCHNUR, the German Architecture office owned by Sarah Schnur, to undertake the interior design & Styling, and the FF&E specification of the Luxurious Villa.

Our Approach

Working within a historical building context, with many restricted requirements is always quite a challenge. Yet, our vision was to combine the classical and contemporary Style in an elegant and creative way, to reflect the personality and the discerning taste of the owner.

Each space is designed to take full advantage of the spectacular views and natural light. Beautiful wooden floors are layered with stunning modern rugs in silk and wool, while iconic furniture pieces complement the furniture that is styled exclusively for the property. The scheme is then enhanced with luxurious soft furnishings, textures, and materials in subtle shades & tones, creating a welcoming and relaxing home.

Time & workflow

We understand that Changes and alterations are always part of the workflow. Therefore, we put a realistic time schedule and involve the client in the whole process, from the schematic design along to the final delivery, sometimes even on daily basis, and take into account her comments on every phase. As a consequence a smooth and fast forward workflow and meet all our submission deadlines.

The Result

“You guys did a crazy good job in a crazy short time. So happy to have this contact!” M.A. Sarah Schnur , ARCHITEKTSCHNUR – Owner & General Manager

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